Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Medical & Dental College Lahore

The board of governors considering our extensive experience in teaching post graduate doctors have authorized the complex to initiate a modern and state of the art teaching programme for the undergraduate medical students to further strengthen the foundation of basic medical education in Pakistan.

It is the undergraduate medical training where dedication, ethics to serve humanity are ingrained in the students, where good habits are inculcated which become their way of life. The students coming to this institute shall benefit from the diversity of clinical spectrum to which they may not get exposure elsewhere. Students from several medical schools in UK, USA and UAE come for their elective rotations to this institutions in various disciplines.

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council has approved this medical college. It is affiliated with University of Health Sciences (UHS), the most prestigious university of this region. Undergraduate medical education is offered by many colleges but this medical college has the objective of producing high quality doctors to improve the health care in the country. High standards of education will be set on modern lines based upon new methods like problem based integrated teaching programme within the confines of curriculum laid down by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. Read more