Public Health and Community Medicine

  1. Teach and train medical and nursing, under and postgraduate students in community diagnosis of prevalent health problems and in the provision of promotive, preventive, curative & rehabilitative services in the communities
  2. Equip students with the skills to follow and compare changing trends in health indicators of Pakistan in the current global scenario of epidemiological and demographic transition
  3. Inculcate the concepts of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Research Methodology, and public health practice in the students
  4. Develop research, communication, data, and reference management skills in the students
  5. Equip the students with the skills of using evidence in public health policy, planning, and health management with different range and depth in under and postgraduate students


Head of Public Health and Community Medicine
Prof. Ayesha Humayun Sheikh MBBS, FCPS, PhD
Research Interests: