Welcome to department of haematology, a progressive & dynamic center for basic & translational sciences, clinical research, patient care, undergraduate & post graduate teaching. Here clinicians, scholars, investigators & post graduate trainees work together to harness the power & resources of sheikh zayed hospital in pursuit of excellence.

The history of department dates from 1986 when sheikh zayed hospital was established. At that time Prof. Moeen-Ul-Deen set up the department to serve the community for years. Recently a remarkable woman Prof. Mona Aziz Gillani FPS hematology, arguably made some of the most influential & much needed changes in department of hematology. She is currently Head of Department hematology & in charge blood bank.

Today the department of haematology comprises of four full time faculty members, 10 post graduate trainees, 1 medical officer and 3 senior house officers & support staff including technologists & technicians.

The department of Haematology is conducting all routine and some special haematology tests for Shaikh Zayed Hospital and works in 3 shifts to give a 24 hours cover of tests to hospital patients, even on gazette holidays. In Blood Bank provision of blood and its components to patients of Shaikh Zayed Hospital according to slandered guidelines of screening and issuance.

The department provides training of M.Phil. Hematology, FPS Haematology FPS primary class, FPS part Il students as elective rotations, Bc .medical laboratory technology students of institute of nursing and health sciences and laboratory assistant classes enrolled by Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore.

Department of Haematology has also hosted The National PSH Conference twice (2007, 2012)





Complete Blood Count

PT/APTT (mixing studies)



Bone Marrow

Special Staining (Sudan Black)


Platelet Apheresis


Direct Antiglobulin Test

Grouping and cross matching of blood

Preparation of blood components (FFP, PRBC, Cryoprecipitate, Single donor platelets)

Screening of Blood for Malaria, HBV, HCV, HIV, Syphilis



1) Prof. Dr. Mona Aziz (MBBS, FCPS)

Head Of Pathology division & Incharge Blood Bank

2) Dr. Ghazanfar Ali Sirhindi (MBBS,M.Phil)

Associate Professor

3) Dr. Tooba Ammar(MBBS,FCPS)

Assistant Professor

4) Dr. Hussain Farooq (MBBS, FCPS)

Senior Demonstrator

5) Dr. Shabbir Hussain

Medical Officer



Deputy Dean / Professor & Head of Department (Haematology & Blood Bank)
Prof. Mona Aziz MBBS, FCPS
Research Interests:

Prof. Ghazanfar Ali Sirhindi MBBS, M.Phil (Haematology)
Research Interests:

Assistant Professor
Dr. Tooba Ammar MBBS, FCPS (Haematology)
Research Interests:

Senior Demonstrator
Dr. Hussain MBBS, FCPS (Haematology)
Research Interests:

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