HPB / Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant Unit has been established on November 27th, 2010.
This unit has 34 bedded Ward including High Dependency Unit and
10 bedded independent ICU.


This Unit is affiliated with Shaikh Zayed Postgraduate Medical Institute and Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Medical College which is 1050 bedded institute, One of the largest tertiary care centres in the Country. The Liver Transplant Center project at the Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore was approved in July, 2006 and all the procurement regarding equipment training of the Liver Transplant team have been completed.

Surgical team was constituted of Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Paramedics from Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore and was sent to world reputed Centers for Liver Transplantation and Liver Surgery in Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, South Korea and England and India. During their stay in the Centers they worked in close liaison with the surgical teams of these Centers. All aspects on Liver Transplantation process were studied in detail by the team members, the differences in all Centers were taken into account. Two Liver Transplant Surgeons who have been trained and working in the world reputed Centers of Europe and China were inducted, along with existing Professorial unit to make this Program feasible. Shaikh Zayed Hospital has been providing very advance liver related surgical services for many years which have been the basis of developing this sound Liver Transplant Program.

At the Liver Center in Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore since 2008, potential transplant patients have been evaluated for transplant and donor assessments have been carried out. Now we are performing liver transplants operations on regular basis at Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore.

Unit is running 2 out door clinic every week including

  • Liver Related Diseases (HPB/ HCC) Clinic
  • Liver Transplant Clinic

Equipment procurement required for Liver Transplant and other Complex liver related surgeries are fully functional.

Surgical team headed by Dr. Tariq Ali Bangash for mega operations and Liver Transplant expert Anaesthesia help is mandatory for successful operations. Anaesthesia team has received extensive training in related transplant centres. They are capable to provide intensive care after surgery. All supportive services like Radiology, Labs and blood banking have been upgraded to meet the demand of liver transplant.

There is a dire need for medical professional in particular and public in general to understand. The Complex nature of this operation and to achieve desired outcome. In this respect role of electronic and print media is very important to educate and council common public. The department is working to initiate LDLT & Cadaveric Liver Transplant for which organ donation program has been initiated and success will depend on public positive response.

34 beds fully equipped Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplant Center at the Shaikh Zayed Hospital is fully functional, includes affiliated ICU and HDU, which are fully equipped, functioning and supervised by our staff.

Liver Transplant and Organ Donation, Cadaveric & Living related is something that we all are passionate about. It is a national cause for the benefit of humanity.


  • Liver Transplant Surgery
  • HPB (Cancer) Surgery
  • TACE
  • PEI
  • RFA
  • Endoscopy
  • MDM


  • HPB Surgery: > 800
  • Liver Transplant: 100


    Telephone number: 04235865731 Ext – 2847, Direct: 042-35912359
    Fax: 04235830639


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Associate Professor
MBBS, FRCS (Ireland), DFRCS (Ireland)
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