Dr. Akbar Hussain
Head of the Department
Executive Director / Chairman
•MBBS (Pb)-D.T.C.D (Pb)
•F.A.C.P (USA)
•M.P.A (Health Administration)
•Dip. In Project Management (PIM)
•Diploma in HRM (PIM)

Message by Executive Director
Being a Head of SFINHS, Lahore, one of Pakistan’s top Nursing Institutes, is an honor for me. At this Institute, we work with and encourage our teachers and students to advance the body of knowledge necessary for health and efficient disease management. We take pleasure in assisting our students in navigating a world that is fiercely competitive our goal is to spread the influence of this Institute and its extensive research and educational expertise throughout the globe because we believe that education empowers people and health Education saves lives. At SFINHS, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of education, concern, exploration, and sharing. To improve health outcomes and eradicate health inequities, we look forward to further community partnerships. . Let’s pray Allah to grant us the strength to overcome the obstacles in our path and the favor of rewarding our efforts with success. I warmly invite you all to join SFINHS as you develop your professional careers through top-notch Nursing Education and Training. I wish you all the very best of luck your studies and career.

Mrs. Bushra Nawaz (Principal)
• M.Sc. Sociology
• Post RN University of Lahore
• Ward Administration
• Teaching Administration
• Registered midwife
• Registered Nurse

Message by Principal
With great pride and excitement, I principal of SFINHS, feel privileged and honored to be a part of this educational institute where every participant endeavors and greed’s to learn more. The essence of Modern Nursing has evolved from the era of Florence Nightingale, which holds the core values of this Noble profession. Since 1984, SFINHS has committed itself to the vast production of caliber and brilliant Nurses, who could follow the paved path of Florence Nightingale with zeal and compassion. The mission that our college holds and is reluctant to promote is the noble values of "love" "care" and "self-service". Educating a valid Nurse's values along with positive growth is not an easy task to undergo. It measures crucial steps in meeting the health care needs across the globe. SFINHS has always rendered the quality education that must be imparted through vigilant curriculum planning, efficient deliverance of education, and ensuring a feedback system, leaving behind no trace of negligence. SFINHS has nurtured thousands of students, till now, from different programs including BS Generic, Diploma, and Post RN. Our college has been motivating the students to have access to vast knowledge by using the latest techniques via well-trained and skilled teaching staff that focuses not only on giving quality education but also strives to give great emphasis on learning healthy environment, induces competitive spirits and develops leadership qualities and also excellence in practice that will fulfill the professional fast changing scenario of 21st century. To provide ample opportunities and to acquire the skills of becoming professional in the future with empowerment of command, respect, and recognition in the field of work, is the great mission of SFINHS. I ensure as a Nursing Head and a responsible Principal of SFINHS is concerned with the grooming of students, who could bloom in every aspect of a valued nurses. I cherish the well-said quote by Warren Buffet Someone sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." In the same way under the guidance of mine and my supportive dedicated staff, I will work hard to continue the legacy of success established in the College of Nursing, building a strong relationship with students, parents, alumni staff, and community partners.

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