Message from Chairman

Prof. Sibggha Zulfiqar Shaikh Zayed Medical Complex, since its commissioning in 1986, has made a significant impact in the way medical services are provided in the country, through training of postgraduate doctors, nurses and paramedics. Commensurate with the Government policies of enhancing medical education and health services, this will give a new dimension to medical education and will meet the health care needs of burgeoning population. Students of Medicine & Dentistry will be prepared to face the rapidly changing paradigms, in medicine & surgery. Shaikh Zayed Hospital with its 1031 beds facility providing state of the art care to the patients. The faculty comprises of highly trained and dedicated doctors who provides an excellent opportunity for training medical students.

Dr. Akbar Hussain
MBBS (Pb)-D.T.C.D (Pb)
M.P.A (Health Administration)
Dip. In Project Management (PIM)
Diploma in HRM (PIM)